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Automated Structuring

Your documents will be organized in a simple year-based folder structure.

The Power of Tagging

Tag your PDF documents with keywords to group them.

Embedded Previews

See a preview of your documents while working through the input directory.

Open Source

The PDF Archiver is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, and can be forked on GitHub.

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What Users Say

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"With the PDF Archiver I have finally managed to bring some order and structure to my PDF collection with documents, contracts and other documents that I have been building since 2014."

Sir Apfelot
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"Until now, all PDFs with cryptic file names were stored in a single folder. With the help of PDF Archiver I have finally been able to structure my accounting."

Jörg P.
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"By the uniform sorting of all documents I finally got order into the PDF files on my computer."

Tim D.
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"The Mac app uses a simple file name convention, which simply notes keywords, data and descriptions in the file name of the documents and can therefore be used largely independently of the operating system, cloud provider and Mac or PC application."


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