What is the basic workflow?

  • Start PDF Archiver
  • Set archive path in the preferences: ⌘ ,
  • Select untagged documents via the Add PDFs button or ⌘ o
  • Set the document attributes (change selection with )
    • Change the suggested date (if necessary)
    • Write a description
    • Delete suggested tags with (if necessary)
    • Type new tags in the search field and press to add them to the document
  • Save the attributes by pressing the Save button or ⌘ s

How (long) do I get a free trial?

You choose a subscription, which starts with a 1 month free trial period. In this period you can test the App or cancel the subscription at any time without any payment. It extends automatically if you don‘t cancel at least 24 hours prior to expiration of the trial period.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in your iTunes Account, which can be found here.

What happens to my documents after my subscription is cancelled?

All your PDFs will be saved in the selected folder. That’s why you have full access to all documents even after the subscription.

Only the app usage is not possible afterwards.

What shortcuts are available?

Keys Shortcut
switch to next field
⌘ , open the preferences panel
⌘ o add new PDF documents
⌘ s save the current document in your archive
⌘ ⌫ trash the selected document
⌘ r update view and observed path
⌘ ⌥ r update finder tags of the archived documents
⌘ 9 zoom to fit
⌘ 0 zoom to original size
⌘ - zoom out
⌘ + zoom in

How can I share my archive folder?

You can share your archive folder with your friends and family by sharing it via iCloud Drive:

  1. Create new folder in iCloud Drive
  2. for example, in the iOS app of PDF Archiver, go to Settings > Storage > Select Folder.
  3. select the shared folder in the dialog

Then the contents of the archive will be moved to the new folder. Attention: Before you make such changes to your archive, you should create a backup first. Ideally, these should also be created regularly.

More information:

How can I update the unttaged Documents?

Click on the Menu Bar in PDF Archiver: File > Reload Documents

This will refresh the available tags by analysing the tags in your archive. Normally, this step should not be necessary. Please consider to open an issue if you have to use this workaround.

How do I reset all settings?

  • Open the App
  • Select in the Menu Bar: Help > Reset Settings

How do I zoom the preview?

How to delete tags from a document?

  • Select a document in PDF Archiver.
  • Click on the tag in the document attributes area, which should be removed.

It is not possible to save a document, what can I do?

  • Reset the settings: Help > Reset Settings
  • Set the archive path again via the preferences: ⌘ ,

What will the archive structure look like?

└── Archive
    ├── 2017
    │   ├── 2017-05-12--apple-macbook__apple_bill.pdf
    │   └── 2017-01-02--this-is-a-document__bill_vacation.pdf
    └── 2018
        ├── 2018-04-30--this-might-be-important__work_travel.pdf
        ├── 2018-05-26--parov-stelar__concert_ticket.pdf
        └── 2018-12-01--master-thesis__finally_longterm_university.pdf

Where can I find my documents after the renaming?

All the renamed documents can be found at the path you have specified in the preferences: ⌘ ,.

Where can I find the imprint and privacy policy?

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